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bubba sparxxx

"The Charm" (2006)

Represent Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

I'm supposed to represent

[Verse 1]
I'm too motherfuckin raw to be all, worried if these broads, is fuckin with me
Y'all can suck my right and left nut with the same slurp
Nomore of the fames perks, I'm back in LeGrange hurt
Can't work, same dirt I thought I had wiped off
The same jerk that used to jerk Paul now he's my boss
Lonely if I lost, my light on the pathway
Nomore Bubba K., just as white as a trash day
Say you can take the boy out of the country
But can't take the country out the boy, even with money
I believe it was funny, I was deceivingly burning
At the Four Seasons, all four seasons with Sunny
But I'll be just fine, the grind's in my bloodline
It's what's in your guts time, baby I'm one rhyme
From being what that man paid me to be
Wasn't no concrete but I was raised by the streets

It's your turn, you supposed to represent
Do yo thang, you supposed to represent
Stop Playin', you supposed to represent
It's only right, you supposed to represent
It's your turn, you supposed to represent
Do yo thang, you supposed to represent
Stop Playin', you supposed to represent
Not only get money, you supposed to represent

[Verse 2]
Sometimes you gotta lose yourself to find out where you really are
Let the cut burn then you know you earned it when it scars
I been a star, my name rang bells
But it means not a thing if it can't bring sales
If you ain't seen hell you should get a load of this
Just a dose of hopelessness while you sip your Mo and Cris
If I ain't on your list, shit you can't win them all
But until he died, most of y'all ain't fuck wit Biggie Smalls
Atleast south of D.C. and west of Pittsbrug
That points, they don't know you 'til you resting in dirt
If resting is sure, a loser isn't sexiness
So make me the deadliest, MC I guess it just
Wasn't meant that I be mentioned with the greatest spittin then
Lord atleast let me get it up and pay the rent again
You may intend to win but my alternative's
The coffin or the furnacing, talking more determinant


What, you think I'm scared, you think I'm a pussy?
Really now, how far did you think you can push me?
Before I snap, just like that and bust back
Fear, he don't live around here, what's that?
What, you think I'm scared, you think I'm a pussy?
Really now, how far did you think you can push me?
Before I snap, just like that and bust back
Fear, he don't live around here, what's that?

[Verse 3]
Just stack, get your mind right and get your cheddar better
Volcano gone erupt, it won't lay at rest forever
Every level of the game, these country boys gettin to it
Nothin but your lips is movin, Hush you body shit and do it
I been knew it, you don't wanna jump bad
Hatin escalates and you don't want it to become that
I'm from that, dying breed of white MC
That knows what it's like to be told it ain't right to be
Rappin, now adapting just so happens it's the thing now
To get a cracker on your roster since Marshall came out
I can't explain how, vital time it is
Even now I wouldn't exchange our lives, mine for his
Like this


Heat It Up Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

Heat it up when this shit drop [2X]
Bubba Sparxxx, Collipark

Heat it up when this shit drop
In them big spots
Where the players let them bottles pop
See the steam on her back when her hips pop
She get it real hot, so heat it up girl
Heat it up, get it up, keep it up there [4X]

[Verse 1]
What it is, how are things
My phone was on silent for a minute now it rings
If you too cool, then I'm too cool
Let's not boo-who, let's just do what we do
Movin on, new song, new loan
Sometimes you can move right and still do wrong
Aint nothin' fancy, just line up and run it
By the time you've finished talkin' bout it, I'll be done done it
Collipark, Bubba Sparxxx
Do the Ying-Yang thang or anythang, I'm just a star
Ms. New Booty, thank you ma'am
Bottom broad brought me back, dawg this money changing hands
A lot this way, a little thattaway
Earn Sunday through Friday, spend on Saturday
Yeah that's the play, get it up and keep it up there
Heat it up slow, let him quickly beat it up, Yeah


[Verse 2]
What it is, tell me the good news
I got a tool in my draws that you should use
Give that thang a good bruise, beat it on up
Girl you've been misused, heat it on up
I'm gone show you, what it was made for
Actin' like you scared and unprepared, but you ain't though
Grab your ankles, yeah that's the angle
I'm gone make a stank hoe of daddy's little angel
I'm at the condo, with General Patton
Losers make excuses, winners make it happen
We can pull the rides out, give you somethin to cry about
Give you somethin to lie about, inspiration while you pout
We can pull the broads out, in a straight line
Yours ain't fine fuck it, here, take mines
Dude you way behind, get on Bubba K. time
I'm lightyears ahead, have a light beer instead, yeah

[Chorus - 2X]

Claremont Lounge Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Killer Mike, Cool Breeze)

[Intro - Bubba Sparxxx]
Haha, yeah
It is I (it is I)
I don't know 'bout all that other shit, can't call that
But beside this motherfucker right here
This motherfuckin boo
Hey that's me all day, all day, twice on Sunday
Hey what I motherfuckin do I rap, I rap
Hey, what's happenin
God dammit
Get these pussies off me, will ya?
I love it, haha
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1 - Bubba Sparxxx]
I'm fittin to meet this bitch up at the Claremont Lounge (at the lounge)
The money's low, but I dare not scrounge (don't scrounge)
Cause I'll be right back (right back) and the money'll follow
It's cloudy today, it'll be sunny tomorrow
I promise (promise), honest, every week let's do some other shit
Liver than that other shit, bitch I'm still the fuckin shit
I've got my publishing (check) and my royalities (check)
Never lost loyalty, it's Organized Noize and B
You bitch, you already know the remainin
Let us jealousy, I don't entertain it (nope)
I got a cave bitch (white girl), she's a cheerleader (pom pom)
I split a 12 with her (Miller Lite), she licked this here penis
Snatched her from a ballplayer, that wasn't playin ball
He paid for it all, but she wouldn't take it off (ha)
So I'ma take it off his hands, I know you heard of that
And I'ma murder that furry cat for a fact

[Chorus - Bubba Sparxxx - 2X]
I'm fittin to meet this bitch up at the Claremont Lounge
The Claremont Lounge, the Claremont Lounge
And once she get a whiff of this, believe it's goin down
it's goin down, right now it's goin down

[Verse 2 - Killer Mike]
Floss, comin through L or Tampa on vogues (on vogues)
In Uncle Mooney's 'lac wit a hoodrat ho (Mooney)
She got three kids and about four goals (four goals)
She serve her pop ex and fuck other hoes
She used to fuck with this nigga named Tone, that was on
Even frontin her the zones, 'til he died in born homes (*laughing*)
he was killed by a young nigga creepin with the chrome
Took the money out the trunk and like sixteen zones
But fuck that, let's take it back to the 'lac
Me and this batch laidback burnin purp sacks (okay)
High as fuck, contemplatin million dollar plans (uh huh)
She a million dollar bitch and I'ma million dollar man (million dollar man)
Only thing missin is about a million dollars (what?)
Sent her ass to the country with the work and a Impala
I gave her sixteen ounces and told her hold daddy down
And I'll meet you in a week at the Claremont Lounge (yeah)


[Verse 3 - Cool Breeze]
Hey look, I chillin in the lounge and this girl gonna walk in the bathroom
She said damn you look cute, but why you ain't got no tattoos
I said I didn't come to look cute, Cool came to cut (cut)
And damn you look cute, why you ain't got no butt (butt, ooooo)
Hey, walk back to my seat, I guess shorty felt dissed
Cause I see this sucker checkin me, while I'm checkin the mix
So I walk over to him, bro I don't care who you wit
Man you better be like G-Rock and "go and get that bitch" (go and get that bitch)
I let Bubba security handle that, step back to the back
Man you ought to be ashamed to run your mouth like that
This my house, don't tell me how to do my thing
I don't like you, you really on my promotional team (ooooo)
See you could of got a cameo at the video shoot
See I could of got you a bitch at the video shoot
But you to busy out here lookin cute tryna take your shirt off
If we was in a group, I'd have your microphone turned off


As The Rim Spins Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

Yep, yeah
Yep, yeah
Yep, yeah

[Verse 1]
I'm on, I'm grown, I'm so in my zone
You ain't gotta tell me, I know this my home
Throw me my phone, let me call up anybody
Who don't know about it and tell 'em I am him
Pale and not so slim
But I shine bright even when it's dark and grim
She marched on in but she far from a saint
Knowin you's pretendin that you are what you ain't
Cause your startin to taint what once was pure
Irregardless I must endure
Cause what's for sure, is that I am blessed
Just give me what I'm owed and I might get rest
See slight success, only brings more hunger
But don't you mistake lightning for thunder
Cause thunder just rumbles, lightning strikes
Like men of great faith, then white's hype

Why your rims spin, spinnin
I ain't slept ten minutes
No shut eye 'til this is
right, yeah, is finished
I came for that big spinach
And I can't get it, with image
So all I can do is spit vintage
Again and again and again

[Verse 2]
Just draw the play up and run it
Vision, something that's great, I've become it
I played it and won it and profited it from it
A wonderful life and with honor I've done it
But you gotta confront it, it's permanent shorty
Feel the flames is burnin you softly
Yes these lames is certaintly salty
That's how I know that the birds is off me
All I really ever wanted in my whole life
Was to stay the whole night, in the morning no flight
To have my own wife, instead of havin to borrow
Johnny's in Philly and Chad's in Toronto
I ask for a lot though, thus I accept it
I'm gonna die lonely, big money's my homey
So Betty why don't we proceed to the suite
My pet snake skeet, so eager to meet (yeah)


[Verse 3]
I'm special, especially when these lames is next to me
Every check I see, bring the flex outta me
Girl I'll pay for your love, and the sex I'll free
Okay, don't play, you gon' stay, then stay
But if you afraid of livin, then you ain't really wit it
Then please be on your way, with no delay
They say only the strong survive
And it seems that you gotta do wrong to thrive
But the truth ain't dead, I'm so alive
You don't want me to shine, then close your eyes

[Chorus - 2X]

That Man Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Duddy Ken, Sleepy Brown)

[Chorus - Sleepy Brown]
Everywhere that I seem to go, all people they know
There goes that man
Cadillac's steady move, all ladies choose it
There goes that man
Been all around the world and I kissed every girl
There goes that man
Girl this ain't no kind of allusion, it's really that man
There goes that man

[Verse 1 - Duddy Ken]
Hey, when we step up out the play man
We bring that monster A game
Switchin or say through lanes
Green on my shirt like Tulane
Drunk and drivin in two lanes
Dirt Reynolds, that's the new name
Dip out and handle a few thangs
Bet I come back a rich man
Some of these cats is bitch made
My shift be like a switch blade
The doors, open this way
That man, went that a way
Chase cheese like a rat race
Push my button like there
And that's gonna get you nowhere
Just like you fuckin yourself
I've been all over the globe and hit a lot little spots (spots)
Met bitches that love the nigga, that's if she fucked me or not (not)
Trappin what's in my spot (spot)
Not movin, just got me no dough
It's like my money was slow mo'
I bought a car and got Mobile
My city's up on my shoulders
I'm takin life as we know of
Tranformin into a whole 'nother world and time
Beat up tracks and murder rhymes
Don't dare close the curtain, cause I'm just beginnin
Bubba was the beginnin but bitch I'ma end it
Hey, I'm that man, man


[Verse 2 - Bubba Sparxxx]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Shit, I'm a Dodge Rammer, god damn if I ain't two and 0
I'm competin and momma's eatin, so am I losin? No
But shit was movin slow, I had to switch machines up
Destiny don't always match with the shit you dreamed up
But Bubba ain't no cream puff
In my life, I've seen much
Held the thrills and the spills
Through it all, I kept it trill
Guarantee I never will ever feel as helpless
As I did these last couple years, I know you felt this
Really don't expect no forgiveness for "Deliverance"
Then again I offer no apologies, I meant the shit
Cause I lived the shit, truth is truth and that's the end of it
I'm up and runnin, bet my jersey's in the rafters when I sit
Watched it when I get a hit, everybody benefits
I'm far removed from innocence, a year older than twenty-six
Pussy just remember this, I ain't chose the path I'm on
If you want it, come and get it, as that man I stand alone (oh!)


[Verse 3 - Bubba Sparxxx]
Duddy! Haha
Uh huh, hey say, hey let the guns play
I just came with "Me, Myself, and I" like Beyonce
Let these suckers run they coffee coolers, I'm the truest
country motherfucker, bust and kill the talk, it's time to do it
Everything your idol do it, I can do it cock eyed
Three albums supplied, once I have not lied
That should mean a lot right?
Maybe when they open up the books, I can get a look
You must admit, I'm dope as fuck, true I ain't devoted much
of my raps to dope, I'm just a little to preoccupied with the truth, you know what's up
Sorry but I know this much, Bubba K is sen-sat-ional
That shit ain't no bull
Ain't no bull that I can't pull, I am him
That'll be the case, if I'm ridin rims or shinin them
Bubba baby, more trouble baby, ha I love you hate me
Ask your lady, is it maybe her that I've been pluggin lately
Fucker [echo]

The Otherside Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Petey Pablo, Sleepy Brown)

Try this one!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1 - Bubba Sparxxx]
I come, they go, I run, they slow
Ain't ashamed that I did what I did
I just lived how I lived, your life say so
Ain't a single hole I can't roll
I'm platinum, they proud of they gold
Buckhead bouncin, moved a little ounces
Talkin out loud, but I didn't know
Waitin for the day that Bubba K blow
When you got a show though, bet you can't fold
Ask 2 Stoute, he know what I'm talkin 'bout
Motherfuckin bank account, they say o's
These hoes better stay on they toes
The deep play threat, I just may go
87 yards in the blink of an eye
It really don't matter what you think of the guy
Cause I'm eager to try this style and that style and stack piles
of cash, While sayin somethin, dude's agile, hear that wow
A bad child that turned good, now I earn good, but I burn better
That kush, please just shush wuss, I'm the team captain, get your first letter (bitch!, pussy)

[Chorus - Sleepy Brown - w/ ad libs]
Your thinkin your that boy, know where I cut boy
I'm on the otherside of the room
Your lady been frisky, tell her come get me
I'm on the otherside of the room
If you came to party, let's go get it started
I'm on the otherside of the room
Whether you wit me, or you against me
I'm on the otherside of the room

[Verse 2 - Petey Pablo]
We never refused to carry them thangs (click, click)
Back in the days, hot as a flame
And I sent 'em through the blaze
All day for the pay, dollar bill from the 'caine
It's the Mr. Motherfucker wit a hundred different names
Ain't fuck with nobody (body), ain't want no problems
I've been, there but quite understand
A man that never talk hardly
stayed to his self (cha cha), quiet as kept
With a coldness in his eyes, that'll scare you to death
I was on my way, man I had one foot in the grave
Motherfucker I stayed contemplatin about my last and final day
Wasn't supposed to be nothin
Niggaz supposed to gave me life in prison
Last pick, misfit, partner did the full 20
Hey, I'm right here, heat it up, got the whole world shakin for me
Haha sayin (sayin)


[Verse 3 - Bubba Sparxxx]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Baby death and taxes ain't the only thing certain
to come unnerved from out from behind the closed curtain
Bubba skirtin, what's the word
You must of heard a lot of BS was asserted
Since none of us perfect, wonder who that was unnervin
Not me, not you, grin and bear it, got to
If they ain't worried about you, and they ain't worried about you
Here, here, get it clear, disappear from out my hemisphere
If indeed you got some business here, then state it crystal clear
All this fake innuendo from little minos
Gon' make the big O, fish up lower on the fish hole
Bub came to name baby, tell me that I did so
I'd rather watch my momma 'Get Low' then quit this fo sho (yo)

[Chorus - 2X]

Ain't Life Grand Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Scar)

[Chorus - Scar]
Ain't life grand
You're workin to the bone
You're givin it, then it's gone
You keep on or you don't
Ain't life grand
You're workin to the bone
You're givin it, then it's gone
You keep on or you don't
Ain't life grand

[Verse 1 - Bubba Sparxxx]
This is it, put the kids to bed and get your shit
A hit's a hit though, but took I ain't forget this shit
But when we get a hit, we only slack a little bit
But y'all gettin sick of banjos and fiddle shit
I hit a lick with it, but now I'm feelin brand new
It's time to reinvent again and win again
So can you, put on that loop
Split the blunt and food
And send me on my merry like you did my favorite rap group
We outlast and outclass these vagabonds
Dungeon Fam, yeah pass me that baton
See my medicine, as an adolescent one was
Black eyes and Babylon, shit that's what I'm proud I'm from
And What I have become is a major fact that one
They don't mention much, but trust they know that cracker's on
Fuckin believable, believe it dude, please don't let me intrude
Smoke the blunt and eat your food


[Break - Scar]
You sit and wonder 'bout it
You hope and wish you got it
You try your best to hide it
You'll have to keep from cryin
(Ain't life grand)
One day your on a high then
Next day you wished you died
Folks hate it when you're ballin
They'd rather see you gone

[Verse 2 - Bubba Sparxxx]
This is me man
I just bust, I don't adjust much
To bust what this month left, I'm huff puff
On the hush hush, they'll never touch us
Dis-a-gust the national, that's putt putt
I'm in the Butt Hut, fucked up some wet
Uncut, untucked, tryin help me one up
One OC 8, oh makes me a whole
entirely different type of a-hole
Gotta proper bank roll, betty drop that thing slow
Motherfuckin load the devil thing like it swoll
Same way the Range Rove, same way the Chevrolets
Same way the Cadillacs, how I do it everyday
Bubba K'll never sway, born and bred in GA
I love Troy but it never was no play
It's like my fourhead stacks off a baby put it
They find it stankin in Tennessee, here they wouldn't (find ya, ho)


[Verse 3 - Bubba Sparxxx]
In conclusion
Listen to me when I'm talkin to you young fella
It's fittin to start rainin, hope you got an umbrella
I'll probably never be a number one seller
Might of been beige, but I never was yella
And when I saw yella, I don't mean yella
As in light skin, I just mean the type when
The beef heighten, get to sprintin right then
Like a herd of bison, when I start riflin
Oh yeah, I will go there
Cause I'm from nowhere and I really don't care
If a pussy wanna stare, then a pussy gon' wear
My hand across the face, when I put it on there
I'm a one in a million, Dungeon affiliate
I brought you the realest shit and a bunch of you feelin it
This gun I will empty it, if the chatter continues
You never did like me, but you had to pretend to
Cause that just what men do when they hear we blew
Thirty million dollars, just as fast as them trees blew
Then how he refueled, and with Big rebooed
This whole fuckin ship for a like a million and three moons (bitch)



[Outro - Scar]
Ain't life grand ...
Ain't life grand ...
Ain't life grand

Run Away Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Frankie J)

[Verse 1]
I don't need this, all I need is us - come on girl let's put it in the wind
I don't care none about no one, if they loved us they should it did it when
They had a chance but now the dance is over and fa sho its our way time
Let the top down, we can't stop now, explain the past - baby I ain't tryin
I ain't lyin, when I say we done came of age and when thangs done changed
Time to spread our wings, fly to better things, pack ya suitcase todays the day
Don't tell ya momma don't tell ya sister it'll only complicate the issue
We'll mail 'em a box of tissues, the only one that loves you is right here with you
Girl don't ever look back, our destiny awaits us
And whatever place we pump the brakes I'll work my hands to the bone n just what it takes to
Give us everything our folks never had, I'm prepared for that
It may take a while but Ima make ya smile forever I said a prayer for that and
I know he's listenin atleast to this one, if you never heard none of the others
This is me and you and Im'a see it through from this highway to under the covers, baby!

Oohhhhh Hoooooo!
I wanna run away with you (I wanna run away, I wanna run away)
I wanna run away with you (cuz baby your my everything)
I wanna run away with you (I wanna run away, I wanna run away)
I wanna run away with you (cuz baby your my everything)

[Verse 2]
We got off the exit in Waco, Frankie J was on the radio
I asked her was she afraid to go all the way with this, she delayed to know
I said baby I just need to know, if you ain't down we can turn around
Your happiness is my happiness and thats the only thing thats concernin me now
Just hurt me now, she said "would you please just let me talk for once?"
Then all at once she went in to how she been tryin to prevent this all for months
Not at all because she didn't love me and only me, it's just that she
Had withheld one vital piece of info, she looked up at me
With both eyes full of tears, she said "you remember that day at the clinic?
I went in with the doctor and told you I did it? I wasn't able to go through with it"
No you didn't, how could you? Wait a minute, that makes you what?
3 months and some change, well baby doll that just ain't enough
To derail us cuz see, that just means there's three of us
But answer this, at what point did you think this topic should be discussed?
I don't know whether to cry or smile, but somehow I'm doin both
But this changes nothin, I got 2 babies and I solemnly swear to be true to both, baby!


[Bridge - Frankie J]
I wanna run, wanna run away
There's nothin they can do or say to make us stay
I wanna run, wanna run away
There's nothin they can't do, there's nothin they can't say
I wanna run, wanna run away
I wanna run, wanna run away
I wanna run away, baby


Wonderful Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

[Intro - talking]
Make way
We point you to the money
Bubba K
We point you to the money
We paid, Bubba here

I don't know about y'all, but I feel wonderful
Yeah they lookin at me, yet I'm so comfortable
Girl look it here, I feel sensational
This that boy that you've been waitin for
Betty boo never mind what they say
What can I say today's been a great day

[Verse 1]
Everythang's funny at first
'Til I showed 'em how much bein country is worth
Just bought me a Dodge, a Hemi, give me 20 new 20's
I'm on day number 3, I need some energy in me
I been in the city behavin like I'm still in the woods
Just a white boy livin life as trill as I should
Really good, if I say so myself
Might be a little pale, they can't hate on much else
Cause when I take this shirt off and show this girth off
It's all over but the tears, if your ho is up in here
Go on throw a couple beers on my tab tadpole
Life goes on, so you got your little rascal
Hate to blame you, I'm just celebratin me
it's goin down tonight, better tell 'em baby D
Now say WHO'S world is this, must be Bubba K's
Couldn't be no other way, hey


[Verse 2]
Up up, up and down on my back baby
Everybody singin now, 'cept for the fat lady
I may be half crazy, but I feel full blown
Huntin for a fire, to throw my little wood on
Chop chop, heat it up, beat it up, eat it up
With Dre and G wildin, these freaks love each of us
Now it's new to Louise to love
Cause peepin is for communist and Bubba is a capitalist
Sit down on my lap and let's
Talk about the first thing that pop up little Michelle
A whisper when it's in a shell, turn the yellow into swell
Already been to hell, I'm tryin to see how heaven feel
Could of cracked a cranium or two, but still I kept it chill
Let me live, I let you live, bygones is bygones
I worked my movie or two, do your dance to my song
We won't be alive long, but since the court afforded us
The luxury for a minute, I'm feelin glorious


[Verse 3]
I'm in a good place, I've got this thing whooped
I'm cookin with grease, these suckers can't look
They disgusted and it baffles me
I'm rappin happily again, you should be glad for me
Actually, you can get on 85
Goin through the southbound lane, you okay to drive
Cause they can't deprive us, this is our turn way
'Hip Hop Hooray' it's everybody's birthday
You need a hearing aid, I said I feel wonderful
I'm fittin to take it to the house and pick my own fumble up
And anyone that loves life as much as I do
Hope you love it ever more since I made the South blew


Ms New Booty Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Ying Yang Twins)

[Intro: Collipark, Bubba Sparxxx]

[Ying Yang Twins]
Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere [3x]
Rockin' everywhere [2x]
[Bubba Sparxxx]
I found you MS NEW BOOTY
Get it together and bring it back to me
Hit the players club for about month or two
Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x]

Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight [4x]

[1st verse (Bubba Sparxxx)]
Girl I don't need you, but you need me
Take it off, let if flop, shake it freely
And I don't tell stories, I let 'em tell theyself
And you ain't gotta sell sex, girl,
it sells itself,
like nothing else
Yeah I'm a country boy,
but that big city bottom fill me up with joy
Ain't life grand (life's grand) living up daddy
Here go the whisper song, baby this is us ready?
Put it on me enthusiastically,
whatever it is that you do, you do it admirably
And I ain't choose it, that thing chose me
It's Bubba and Ying Yang, all the way in this thing


Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight [4x]

[2nd Verse]
Quarter to twelve and we just getting in
Bubba's gonna make you spark with the Ying Yang Twins
Sipping on Patron, blong blong blong
Shawdy in a thong, whom whom whom
Get that thing shaking, like she frost bit shivering
Ass be delivering, all type of flashes, cashes
Got these hoes shaking that molasses
Let me whisper in your ear
Get your self together go and buy some new gear
Do something with your hair then hit the club,
shake your ass and the player's gonna show some love
Do that move you did just a minute ago
I guarantee you'll make all the dough
So gonna do you thing baby, work what you got, to get what you want
Make that money, don't let it make you


[3rd Verse (Bubba Sparxxx)]
hi there, how are things?
I once was breast man now it seems
Ever since I had the pleasure
of getting you together, your chest is just whatever
I found the buried treasured
Yes madam, here's the plan
Meet me over yonder OK - don't play
I'll bring the whip whoop, you bring your cook book
And I'm gonna fix that stuff up, everything is good, good


Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight [4x]

Hey! (A Lil' Gratitude) Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Timbaland)

Yeah I'm a country boy, but I'm a player too
All up in your city flexin' down the avenue
But I ain't mad at you dog, that's what I had to do
That least that you could do is gimme a lil' gratitude
Hey, everybody wanna say hey, Timmy
Get into it or be on your way, hey
And I really hate it came to this
How else can I say it, I don't speak no other languages

I came to do two things, kick some ass
And drink some coke, yeah, and I'm almost out of beer
Looky here, we damned if every other year
He ain't stumble back in, Bubba, baby that's him
I love me some me, and I don't mind you
Shoot ya move dog, we lovin' whatcha tryin'a do
Just do it over there, I feel some ? away
I guess what I'm tryin'a say is I ain't got no time to play
I might just die today, I might just live forever
I done endured being poor but being rich is better
From that dirt road in the grange I did came
A long way, we can do this all day

Yeah I'm a country boy, but I'm a player too
All up in your city flexin' down the avenue
But I ain't mad at you dog, that's what I had to do
That least that you could do is gimme a lil' gratitude
Hey, everybody wanna say hey
Get into it or be on your way, hey
And I really hate it came to this
How else can I say it, I don't speak no other languages

Hey, everybody wanna say hey
Get into it or be on your way, hey
And I really hate it came to this
How else can I say it, I don't speak no other languages

Ain't no excuses, just gotta be more the shit
Than I already was and that's unfortunate
For all these babblers, still booty chatterers
This what a rapper was supposed to be and that's what's up
Country this, yeah yeah, country that
I'm a country cat, it's just a fact, can't run from that
Keep high, a bunch out back, now watch the money stack
Hide in the hay, in the barn out on the farm
I can charm, the fangs off a cotton mouth
Right there by my house way out in the south
Know what I'm talkin' bout, it would appear no
Girl who's that zero, I am the hero, y'all

Yeah I'm a country boy, but I'm a player too
All up in your city flexin' down the avenue
But I ain't mad at you dog, that's what I had to do
That least that you could do is gimme a lil' gratitude
Hey, everybody wanna say hey
Get into it or be on your way, hey
And I really hate it came to this
How else can I say it, I don't speak no other languages

Hey, everybody wanna say hey
Get into it or be on your way, hey
And I really hate it came to this
How else can I say it, I don't speak no other languages

Yeah yeah it's Bubba K, I plans to give 'em hell
Yesiree I did my thang and I did it well
I walk the walk baby, and all that daddy tells
I ain't even noticed my skin, damn, is it pale
Oh well, I guess that how it go
Now I know, move right along down the row
Another good morning, another breath of air
Dude I don't ask for much, still I got blessings everywhere
And I ain't scared to share, you can have my last
But you ever diss on me and mine that's yo ass
You hear that thang beatin', Timmy still speakin'
That's how real I keep it, everything else our little secret, whoa

Yeah I'm a country boy, but I'm a player too
All up in your city flexin' down the avenue
But I ain't mad at you dog, that's what I had to do
That least that you could do is gimme a lil' gratitude

"Deliverance" (2003)

Intro Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

Optimisum, about the faith of the people that have accepted of the mission of improbable, to become some particle, perged
by the discouage of suffering, anger, hate, religions and war, Its tought to explain, debate, or even explore, but I die
straight to the core,
And explosion of intrespect so quiet, he can definalty, yet he can breath into the sins lounges into the most rempered
Tis a bull that has been thorugh the mudd with a point of the head of a heavy weight, from the cold detail of the hot
reality of the butcher trap. to the grand Negro's flights of fancy from the astract mind of a hip hop super nerd, as long as
the truth is heard,
The truth must be spoken, my youth has been smokin and drankin, drankin and smokin, a life like that may seem right, but
that aint what the seem like, we aint tight unless yall tight, might bless me and all types, the goal is for all growns to
be sat upon by ture Kings
All pretenders must fall into the phantoms of they own character fall, But as long as we attempt to tell ourselves, WE ARE

All in once say it, Bubba K now, Here to doubt, Wheres today?
On the Grey Hound, sittin in the back on top close to 8 pounds,
Run for a inniocent town that I can shake down,
Passed the Mississip, I swim in the great lakes now,
Made it this far, but I still cant escape now, Law ran in,
Back in the A town, and all im worth is all that aint found,
My brother in Denver used to do a lil dirt, Maybe move with him,
I can do a lil work, Cant produce a walk, I do a lil smirk
Shop at Wal-Mart, I do shoes and a shirt, Tried to call mama,
She denied the call, She aint smoke the sh**, I provide for yall
Try to doze of with PM Tylenol, Jus move a lil piece, cant smile it off,

Yall aint free, Not yet free, Not yet free, Not yet free

Continue'n my voyage, In the Coldoraldo, Cant live life with my Doraldo,
This pill is hard for you to swallow, This pig sh** in which for you to wallow,
Im posted up here, atleast until tomorrow, Get a pund of Buffalo Nik's that U can swallow
Only thing im holdin is Pain, You can borrow, a whole pocket of change,
For your sorrow, Lotta Kat'z busted, but they cant find the hop,
That hustlin game gotta stop, On the open road, now is not the time to flock,
The buzz is formulating, Now it the time for Jimmy time to drop

Jimmy Mathis Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

New south, Athems Joy, Mudd Kat'z,
The Mathis family, they cant hide that money from us no more

Jimmy Mathis please come out here and tell these folks who ya son is,
And Mama tell Russell load the shotgun, and get this loot cuz we aint got none
Jimmy Mathis please come out here and tell these folks who ya son is,
And mama tell Russell load the shotgun, and get this loot cuz we aint got none

Any blood sheared causes to deserve it, Its blood well worth it,
We fought to preserve it, you caught him in person,
You know Bubba siked out, you hate it when they talk,
But love it when I shout, Fuck with me, I doubt that you really can
WHen I get to doin my HillBilly dance, a step to the left, 2 steps to the right
Take a shot of petrone, and get back to the Mic,
Yea im rappin tonite, but as soon as the light hit, Im all about the green,
The hell with this white shit, that speed yup ya pulse rate, Some
Cardiac arrest so sweet with an 'I'll' taste, this what they must face,
ima be right here, spittin these flames out, and drinkin Bud Light Beer
til the cows home and the dogs quit barkin,
Daddy tell em who I am and dont begg no pardons,

Jimmy Mathis please come out here and tell these folks who ya son is,
And Mama tell Russell load the shotgun, and get this loot cuz we aint got none
Jimmy Mathis please come out here and tell these folks who ya son is,
And mama tell Russell load the shotgun, and get this loot cuz we aint got none

They watch me in the country, like the race on Sunday
And I wear the crown for em till you take it from me, I made some money,
But blew most up, bought and sold all the sh** that you bust up,
But I love my life, and aint much i regret, I jus hope I rember, half of what I forget
Through years and the tears, the blood and the all of the sweat,
But if I ever believe, its time to double your bet,
Cuz I aint even tapped half my potential, but I have shown growth thogh,
And that is half the essential, Grad you a pen, jot a few notes down,
The questions they asked me, the answers I know now, bet I aint no clown,
Fuck what you thought dogg, im with Jimmy Mathis ol truck with a saw dogg,
Jus to rip up, let some shit jump, We'll take it to the water, and yo shit will get sunk

Jimmy Mathis please come out here and tell these folks who ya son is,
And Mama tell Russell load the shotgun, and get this loot cuz we aint got none
Jimmy Mathis please come out here and tell these folks who ya son is,
And mama tell Russell load the shotgun, and get this loot cuz we aint got none

Jimmy Mathis please come out here and tell these folks who ya son is,
And Mama tell Russell load the shotgun, and get this loot cuz we aint got none
Jimmy Mathis please come out here and tell these folks who ya son is,
And mama tell Russell load the shotgun, and get this loot cuz we aint got none

Comin' Round Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

I see you comin’ ‘round the bend
I just can’t think of anything that can make me smile like you can
I see you comin’ ‘round the bend
I just can’t think of anything that can make me smile like you can

There’s a portion of the south in the spirit of this song
Keep followin’ the fiddle, it’ll never steer you wrong
I’ve lived a lot of life so my innocence is blown
I’m headin to LaGrange to replenish it at most
I’ve been across the globe and I’ve seen the worlds charm,
I taught ‘em my slang, I didn’t mean the world harm
It makes the soul smile to see what I’ve accomplished
I got up out the woods without a map or a compass
Life does change, and the sun does set
But my last breath ain’t a one gust yet
As long as daddy know that his son does sweat
The same as he did for that uncut check
I’ll sleep fine and a child will come
With the same last name as my poppa’s son’s
And you can rest assure that my son will know
That his Da-da wasn’t a one-squeal show


One time for the New South’s imminent progression
Ain’t the good lord so generous with blessings
Whenever it was needed he’d send me some direction
I’d gaze up at the sky and take a minute for reflection
Is it baby balls, or a miniature erection
It makes you view change with degenerate dejection
Pay no nevermind to what the senators confession
He don’t really mean it, he just winning his election
Nothing they can do to have prevented this obsession
With the vaccination of innocence infection
My heart is behind it if I hint it or suggest it
I finish with aggression but meant it with affection
To the common man at the end of his oppression
Welcome into church only meant for collection
And the common woman, genders no exception
Please keep providing with men in your reflection


There is no king for the throne I seat
All by myself, so alone I leap
For the young boy that’s gone five weeks
He’s only fourteen, but he’s grown by me
Cause he keeps the heat on and his little sister fed
With his knowledge of the land and the tools in the shed
He could be in school, but he chose this instead
No avenue he won’t pursue for the bread
And who was there to speak for him but Bubba
He listens to his own, can’t relate to none other
The product of a bad hand and a young mother
If daddy wasn’t ready all it took was one rubber
To prevent the pain that his family done suffered
Thankfully his son is a real come-upper
Cause it’s gonna be something on the table come supper
There, the plight of my people is uncovered

She Tried Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

(Good Lord, May God have mercy on my soul)
I love her, but you never would know
That by the way I just let my girl go
With tears in her eyes from years of the lyin’
She backed on up and disappeared down the drive-
Way, hey, what can I say, all we have is nothing today
I did my thing, and she did hers,
But my crime’s a wee bit worse
And now I’m sitting her all alone with my guilt
Just me and the dogs and home that we built
It was then it was hers, even though Bubba bought it
But Bubba wouldn’t leave just like her mother called it
From the P, hold it to the blue flame
God, forgive me for causing you pain
All it was, ain’t no more, cause my babys gone
And when it rains it pours.

She tried to tell me I needed to be strong
I wasn’t listening, and now my baby’s gone

One for the pleasure, two for the sin
Three for the family we coulda been
Had I not been so concerned
With this life no spoken words
Couldn’t begin to undue what’s done
Deep within I know that you must run
Far away, from the thought of my smile
And the broken dream of us walking that isle
I first saw betty in my nanny white's yard...
The breast where the best, and the fanny “my lord”
I fly country girl, just working them gifts
She’s my queen, was a virgin I guess
But I ain’t never ask, and ain’t never tell
But Betty had the cash every time I went to jail
And how did I reward her loyalty
Let her walk in and see her cousin Joy on me


It’s been six months, and still no word
I try to carry on like it still don’t hurt
Hoes come around, but I still wont’ flirt
Drinking worse, and the pills don’t work
Last I heard she was in Birmingham
Living with a good hard working man
And lookin’ back on it, that’s exactly what she wanted
Not a rebel with a passion for the moment
I live for the fiddle, and a kick, and a snare
I take my love and I stick it in there
Moved a jimmy and made this song
All because my baby is gone

Nowhere Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

Listen, first, you must travel, a long, desolate road
This road that you shall travel, will seem like nowhere.
That nowhere, will turn into somewhere
Keep your head up Bubba, don’t let nobody get you down,
Cause that road you travel will turn around

I’ve accepted every challenge, and risen to all occasions
A country boy that got 'em shook like Randy Moss and Jason
Perhaps all Bubba's numerals don’t fit in you all's equation
If your opinions coincide with that you ought to save ‘em
Lookin’ for the greatest Southern rapper, fuck it period
Negative spirits they only keeping down a myriad
Of Satan’s substances, and my systems’ still my wisdom
It never once compromised that between God and I
Never once forgotten my manners
'cause my mama played in public housin’ in Alabama
But she had a different plan for me, russ and ginger
Thank the lord for Jimmy Mathis, pops he must remember us
Are you really down when those other clowns disappear
Taught me how to set the scope, shoot and leave with the deer
Then made me drink the blood, to show me life was precious
The muddy road from nowhere to somewhere is my direction

I know what it’s like to be nowhere
I know what it’s like
I know what it’s like to be nowhere
I know what it’s like

Can you relate to five kids, six fish sticks on the plate
All writin’ to Santa Claus, I guess he got the list too late
Or to catch the fish you bait the hook with little’ Dylan’s poo-poo
On Mr. Allen’s property, he catch you, he will shoot you
Let these cats amuse you with comical depictions
But where I’m from being broke is no honorable affliction
Love some Jimmy Carter, but we never even voted
But slum is still slum, so you best believe we toted
Every fire arm from AK’s to 30-30’s
And from live watch to live stock they pays the early birdy
Thus we worked the land like you worked the block with yayo
But I choose keys over cattle cause the profits way more
But I might get locked away though peddling the snow cones
So we keep it simplified with acres of that homegrown
It’s the finest shine that you can find on this side of Memphis
From east nowhere to west somewhere still the grind is endless


It all comes down to this, one last chance to advance
Beyond the second round of the big dance, all my plans
Of being viewed as something special, more than just the other one
We’ll vanish in the vapors of the plague the South has suffered from
The world’s weight plus a ton, restin’ on my shoulders
But what’s attractive, to ease my nerve, is blessed to the beholder
Cause Eminem’s incredible, but did I really have to say this
For ya’ll to leave my soul at rest and add me to your playlist
But this time I may just, leap and clear that hurdle man
Cause there’s gonna be a million more, who knows if they’ll be worth a damn
Bubba K, I surely am, with that silky kinda sound
Carson Daily host it out, I’ll be early for this time around
Cause I’ve come to far for my own mistakes to quell me
Cause looking back at self-inflicted wounds that ache and ail me
Cause nothing they can tell me get me somewhere in a hurry
If I’m nowhere, then that nowhere will leave me no more need to worry

Overcome Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

[Bubba Sparxxx - talking]
(I hope we're tapin now)
Party people
It's the place to be
I come to bring to you
Bubba Sparxxx and that bitch got somethin to prove
And that bitch got somethin to prove
What you got to say?
What up Timmy

Cause I will never turn and run (oh)
There's nothin I can't overcome (oh)
Let's these cats keep bumpin gums (oh)
I'll just grind on and get it done (oh)

Cause I will never turn and run (oh)
There's nothin I can't overcome (oh)
Let's these cats keep bumpin gums (oh)
I'll just get it done, just get it on

[Verse 1]
Enough with the yappin, just cut on the damn beat
Ain't no glory this week, in what was done last week
This shit ain't nothin new, I was put on this earth to fail
I see the future now, my vision's just blurred as hell
I may never do a third of what I deserve to sell
But my story's all fact, not just what I prefer to tell
See we circled the wagons, me and Chevon Young
Timmy, Sebastian, and plus Petey Pablo
So sucker don't ask me, nothin 'bout Beat Club
When the talk dies down, the music'll speak up
A lot of cats jump ship, you'll never see me run
You think we be cooled off, then ya under the heat come
I'm nearly focused dog, and that's a point of concern
Why you speakin now? I ain't annoyed at your turn
It's Bubba K reborn, y'all have been prewarned
Every other dog with a plan I'm a sleep on

Cause I will never turn and run (run)
There's nothin I can't overcome (come)
Let's these cats keep bumpin gums (gum)
I'll just grind on and get it done (done)

Cause I will never turn and run (run)
There's nothin I can't overcome (run)
Let's these cats keep bumpin gums (oh)
I'll just get it done, just get it on

[Verse 2]
You have no idea cuz, all the road blocks I've steer clear of
Failure is all I live in fear of
Chose to compete with rap just outta sheer love
These people (these people) don't know me (don't know me)
These labels (these labels) won't hold me (won't hold me)
These lames ain't (these lames ain't) don't clone me (don't clone me)
Watch it move forward (oh), so boldly
I'm always for the streets, but baby not for the block
Came here for what I want, can't hate me for what I got (oh)
Cause when I add it up, buddy it ain't a lot (oh)
I count on fast feet to be everything that I'm not (oh)
But put it all together, oh lord
Them two country boys, ain't no bum
No backseats taken, I told y'all
Swear for god I will (overcome)

Cause I will never turn and run (oh)
There's nothin I can't overcome (oh)
Let's these cats keep bumpin gums (oh)
I'll just grind on and get it done (oh)

Cause I will never turn and run (oh)
There's nothin I can't overcome (oh)
Let's these cats keep bumpin gums (oh)
I'll just get it done, just get it on

[Verse 3]
Take it how it is, or leave it as it be
If you don't like my shit, then beat it outta me (woo)
You think you that grown?, we can stop and see
Put bring the heat along, you'll need it probably
I never did claim to be the baddest so and so
But if you feel like you gotta have it, so it go
Are the rumors true?, girl had bad you wanna know
But I require more than they've asked you for before
What heapless flirtin, just twerkin, and slick and slirpin
A lot like my daddy for certain, a kid conversion
She may not want the log inserted, my pick is workin
Ain't the longest dome, but its perfect to bring the hurtin
And that's all he wrote (oh), should you just call me note (oh)
Sorry you just crossed the rope (oh) and it just ain't all you hoped (go head)
Daddy with me, I bet you had it with me
Betty help me with the hook and she come naturally

[Chorus - (with male voice singing "go over" and female voice singing "oh" and "overcome")]

[male and female singing continues until fade]

[Bubba Sparxxx - talking over singing]
Say what?
Say what?
Say what?
Want all my macho mans out there
To play this
This go to schools
All the colleges
We will overcome
We came a long way Georgia
New South
Let's go

Warrant Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Attitude)

[Static - police starts talking]

I wanna run, I've been running for some time now
My time has come, I think I'll turn myself in now

I wanna run, oh, I've been running for some time now
My time has come, I think I'll turn myself in now

Wake up and kiss my baby, grab my weed and my gun
Load and cock it & blaze one up, that's how it be on the run
More money more problems, no money yo problems ain't gone die
Put 5 in the tank, I'm high & I'm bad news, don't ask me for no ride
When I look at my daughter & son & I see me in their eyes
It hurt so bad I hope the mistakes I made will keep them alive
I keep pushing looking for a lick to hit shit I need some cheese
Gotta go no sleeping for me momma I gotta leave
And if god is on my side then one day soon I'll get where I gotta be
I'm free ain't nothing gone stop me from seeing what I gotta see
Not even me
The day I cop a ?? gone be the day that I can't even breathe
All the shit that I go through, if I could show you, you wouldn't believe
All I got is my Bible & me and this rifle my last name ain't Malvo
I'm just a survivor
Been gone from home so long some folks thank that I died
It's cool and If I don't get rich I'm thankful that I alive besides

I got a warrant out for me, and I'm walking a thin line
I got a warrant out for me, and I'm walking a thin line
I'm running with the same ol' car, the same ol' girl
A little bit of money in a insane world
I got a (sniff) warrant out for me & I'm walking a thin line

It's strictly for survival this time
Still I do not want what's yours unless it's rightfully mine
It really just ain't no words at least that I can define
For how I feel lord please some sight to the blind
Cause I'm scrambling down the same road
Traveling in the same clothes
Feelin 2 million days old can't let all this take hold
Cause see I always saw myself as just a little more special than
These sappy crappy no rappin whoever's collecting fans
I'm doing the best I can I just need a better plan
I still ain't in peace with flying cause my plane has yet to land
I'm running & running my stomach's grumbling but I ain't
Hungry enough that I'm just disgusted because I can't
Ever make what I thank translate into what I say
Unless I pour this Vodka in that big cup & chug away
I wanna just run away from what I've become today
A rebel with a warrant & his name is say Bubba K.

[Timbaland's chorus]

This is heart it ain't a verse pick yo fruit name yo curse
With all the pain that is life dying hurts lyin's worse
Drive my Hearst down 85 to momma's house in LaGrange
Drop me off on the porch then send my off in a plane
Forget my name 'till God arrives to show all y'all what Bubba meant
To tamper with how we wrote the script clearly don't make fucking sense
There's not a thing that's pure to me it's contaminated by your device
Cause a wise man once said eternity's an echo of life

[Female's chorus 2x's]
[Timbaland says 'ooh' 4x's after the second go round then he says ,'I'm thankful I'm alive']

[Timbaland's chorus]
I got a warrant out for me, and I'm walking a thin line
I got a warrant out for me, and I'm walking a thin line

[Timbaland starts singin the ladies' with her 1x]
Oh, I'm thankful I'm alive!

[Timbaland] and the lady together

(I get a warrant out for me) I wanna run
I've been running for some time now
(I get a warrant out for me) night time has come
(I'm thankful I'm alive) I think I'll turn myself in now

(I get a warrant out for me,and I'm walking a thin line)
I wanna run, I've been running for some time now
My time has come (I'm thankful I'm alive) I think I'll my self in now

New South Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
To all it was
All it is
And all it shall be
New South

[Bubba Sparxxx]
Uh, yeah, yeah [motherfuckers]
I gotta key Bubba answers, a kilo of questions
The heart for humility, that ego perplexes
Strength, will and honor, a hero's possessions
On the road to destiny I need no directions
Far to Southerners, the best man the winner
And only this morning does the best man remember
Fighters seen the weak, more success than inventors
And a saint never ever suffers less than a sinner
But I'm proud to admit that this shit no longer
Phases or amazes me, I only grow stronger
At any given moment this world can so long ya
Box you up, drop you in the dirt and slow song ya
So every blessed minute I'm breathin
I'm conceivin, for when I do perish, reasons for your grievin
That's not to say I plan on leavin here this evening
I'll be in Honolulu with Steven next season

Live die, laugh, cry,
Life will pass by
Breathe in, exhale
I scream, you yell
New South! (New South!)
New South! (New South!)
Ew, a ew, (break it down)
Ew, a ew (break it down)

[Duddy Ken]
And we gonna rush 'em with a blitz on this
Go round the world and hit every other upper scale and project brick with it
Bubba Sparxxx who meet with the Organized Godly beat
Man it's funny how God can be when you work hard to achieve
It's still slaw nigga (*vocal scratch*), spittin that Pac liquor
This is straight up pocket party, your summer that not nigga
classical rhymes got most cats tryna battle with Ken
Bet they won't "go up shit creek without they paddle again"
Come down to my town, bet you won't visit Athens again
And I write that hard har, roll like I got crack in my pen
But since your so happy that things go exactly as planned
Don't clack if we land, then it's crack a lackin again
Then most of these clowns up outta the pay
All I need is a stout, clean your coolatta and day
And the day that I'm able to finally get outta the game
What this hip hop has become is what the New South gotta change
Bring it back


[Bubba Sparxxx]
What difference does it make, who I'm affiliated with
Cause if you love 'em, how could you have really hated this
All the groundbreakin these hillbilly maders did
Wasn't no room for +Bubba Talk+ until we made it did
I flow for Jimmy Mathis on that bus route daily
And for momma June and all she fuss about lately
I'm a get it white, if your hairless for Governor
I'm tellin y'all the yanks ain't prepared for this southerner
C-Dub certified, DF, dignitary
Beat Club, they applaud, New South, visionary
In spite of the efforts y'all made to pigeon hole me
I rose from the pig shit without a smidgen on me
At 15, 90, Adam's drive makin miracles
For these many much, yes and everyday is pivotal
I'm no entertainer so what I say is literal
You say you "New South", faker tat it on your genitals

[Chorus - 2X]

Hootnanny Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Justin Timberlake)

I could go number one ten times
Pretty girls that like my rhymes
You can say Bubba ain't gonna shine
Guess wha, wha, don't really give a hootnanny
I could go number one ten times
Pretty girls that like my rhymes
You can say Bubba ain't gonna shine
Guess wha, wha, don't really give a hootnanny

Now I done banged a heap of Betties in various modes of transport
'N told them as they exit be sure that they close the damn door
The quiet country types is usually those I'm scared for ??
Some scared at first, but usually those demand more
Really ain't conceited, I just call myself the cutterbug
A horny little parasite that all the women love to love
Tell you what it is today, I ain't concerned with what it was
Bubba fixin' to get it done, I put that on my brother Russ
Hear them in the closet, in the kitchen, justa whisperin'
Bubba so psst psst knowing that I'm listening
I ain't gotta chain, boy my peck[?] is all that's glistenin'
Whachu steamin' on folk, y'all ain't even disciplined
I ain't leaving nothin', this the house me and my people built
Huggin' me and dappin' me, buddy I can see your guilt
It's cold when you're wrong and you lookin' like you need a quilt
Y'all matter less everytime this margarita tilt

I could go number one ten times
Pretty girls that like my rhymes
You can say Bubba ain't gonna shine
Guess wha, wha, don't really give a hootnanny
I could go number one ten times
Pretty girls that like my rhymes
You can say Bubba ain't gonna shine
Guess wha, wha, don't really give a hootnanny

A lot of y'all was thinkin' that Bubba would probably disappear
Get some show money from UGLY and buy a keg of beer
And another pig to give my other pigs some company
Rent a doublewide and just live it out in luxary
In due time, but there's business left to attend to
I need another farm to bequeath my next of kin to
And another tramp before my great aunt Missy
Yea, I've been drinkin' but I ain't that pissy
Thinkin' back to when my daddy told me what it's all about
He said no matter what I do in life, some of y'all'll pout
I can deal with that long as all my folks is eatin' good
Let that channel pass over more than any Easter could
I'm on the roll again and I ain't talkin' ecstacy
Tell them folks at Interscope they fixin' to write some checks to me
Soon as me and Timmy finish up this latest pig schlop
Man I think you right, it ain't nothing but some hip hop

I could go number one ten times
Pretty girls that like my rhymes
You can say Bubba ain't gonna shine
Guess wha, wha, don't really give a hootnanny
I could go number one ten times
Pretty girls that like my rhymes
You can say Bubba ain't gonna shine
Guess wha, wha, don't really give a hootnanny

I'm back off in the saddle with smile and that cajolery
Mama always knew how big a stallion I would grow to be
Way beyond these suckers both lyrically and vocally
I doubted for a moment, now it's clear to me I'm supposed to be
An uncanny whit plus a time that is impeccable
Make the sharpest cat feel his mind is just a vegetable
How does Bubba do it, you won't find it in a manual
Confused them all at first so this time is understandable
Staring at the ceiling fan, pondering my future now
Wondering what the hell to do with all this loot I found
Got my tractor polished up and I'm as drunk as Cooter Brown
Navigating yet another one of Timmy's supersounds

I could go number one ten times
Pretty girls that like my rhymes
You can say Bubba ain't gonna shine
Guess wha, wha, don't really give a hootnanny
I could go number one ten times
Pretty girls that like my rhymes
You can say Bubba ain't gonna shine
Guess wha, wha, don't really give a hootnanny...

Take A Load Off Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

Oh! (ah, ah, ah, ah)
Oh! (ah, ah, ah, ah)
Oh! (ah, ah, ah, ah)
Oh! here we go

All my mamis right (Oh!)
[vocal scratches] (Here we go)
All my mamis right (Oh!)
[vocal scratches] (Here we go)

[Chorus - 2X]
Hey! (AH) Why you headin my way (AH)
What you need to do is (take the load off) (what)
(take the load off) (what), (take the load off) (what)
(take the load off willy)

[Verse 1 - Bubba Sparxxx]
Who else is so rural, but still make you feel urban
Walk up in spine, ask if they chill Bourbon
Jim Beam, Jack D, Evan Williams, that's me
Tellin Ginuwine "I love Hank sing in that key"
Now he's lookin at me, like Bub you alright
Yeah I party dog, but not with them drugs that y'all like
Now where Prada, Hampton and that little fuss is all hype
I want what you want, and that's the busted bra type
Where I come from, white boys ain't lame dog
Honky and all that, the real ones ain't called
Don't pull no bullshit unless you playin paintball
You a fuckin felon, yeah but I'm gonna wipe the stank off
CWB, read nothin to flee
Go on take a load off, I'll clean up the debris
CWB, read nothin to flee
Go on take a load off, I'll clean up the debris


[Verse 2 - Bubba Sparxxx]
Slowly, homie just get to know me
If we ain't compatible then disown me
But don't tell me your men are for me
If we ain't click keep some distance on me
On and on, Bubba K no matter what I say
These country folks wouldn't have it, no other way
Cause I yell, but they ain't got nothin else to say
And I got a heat warm and tugged away
Plus the beep, beep, Timmy keep heat
Him and Rick each, ain't no weak links
Guess I'm just different than whatever you sniffin
Still the same language, this ain't hieroglyphics
Ask am I prolific?, yes sir indeed
Really who are you to be questionin me
See how I maneuver so effortlessly
You'll be hard pressed to find a fresher MC


[Verse 3 - Bubba Sparxxx]
Free willy, take a load off
Please silly, I ain't takin no loss
He's really got the greatest tone dog
One potata, two potata, three potata don't pause
Betty boo, let it loose, work it for that revenue
Am I not the most uniquest person that you ever knew?
Walk up in the party, sanitation blurtin with a brew
Bet ya this album does all the first one didn't do
Stop with the badgerin, can't you see I'm staggerin?
All that you babblin, ain't even close to matterin
What you shouldn't think, you should know that I'm arrogant
My "come to talk Bubba" shirt, tonight I ain't wearin it


Like It Or Not Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Sleepy Brown)

All the way from Athens, the A-T-L shawty

[Bubba Sparxxx]
Uhh, Sleepy Brown
Uhh, Bubba Sparxxx
We gon' keep doin it baby
Whether you like it or not.. uhh

[Chorus: Sleepy Brown + (Bubba)]
Ain't a damn thang pretty
From dirt roads to the city, uhh
(You might catch me drunk in the pub)
(Or either crunk in the club)
Don't matter where I hang
People love my twang, uhh
(Call us country or Southerners mayn)
(We gon' keep doin our thang)

[Sleepy Brown]
Rollin up +So Fresh, So Clean+
Wood grain, big screen TV's
Uhh, I got the bump-bump in my trunk now
Uhh, I'm 'bout to, I'm 'bout to funk
Now all the ladies seem to like my style
Guess I'll be here for a while, mmm
To see who wants to come and be with me
I'll take you back to the flat so I can show you where it's at, c'mon
Ohh, wee - look at me
Movin 'cross the floor so easily
Oh, my, can't deny
This funk starts high in the sky
I'm 'bout to get my groove on
Uhh, I'm 'bout to bust a move on 'em
Uhh, there's no-thing you can do for 'em
Uhh, cause I'm checkin the spot if you really like it or not


[Bubba Sparxxx]
I know you hate it, I'ma say it to you anyway
I'm 'bout to throw them 24's on that Escalade
Still I got the Mickey T's on the Chevrolet
Z-7-1, the mere sight'll take your breath away
It's today but I'm still on it like it's yesterday
Throw me the ball, this the game that I was bred to play
And pass the cooler with this stewardess named DesireƩ
You ain't no concern, I'ma wait and see what Heaven say
I got a brother by the name of Snicky Ricky Wade
He said - Bubba, real careers ain't quicky quickly made
My other brother by the name of Patrick "Sleepy" Brown
Said that our +Noize+ is the type that you should keep around
They led me through the forest, took me to the wizard Ray
He told me that tomorrow won't be what it is today
I said, "Damn, that's just what my brother Tim would say"
I'm back at home, just how long have I been away?


[Bubba Sparxxx]
I'm the type that you might see with Petey Pablo
Chasin fielder's dream with corn and three Diablos
And I'll be blessed to death if I see tomorrow
But I'ma live to get my son a lead that he can follow
I might can't flip a brick but bet that I can move a pound
And if you call yourself the king, well then there's two in town
Regardless where you from, what you do, or who you found
You best to get to practice early for the shoot-around
Cause Bubba don't play, do them thangs you won't say
Be damned if I even pull my {dick} out and don't spray
Daddy told me just to do them thangs he never did
Breakin broads, get money, live your life and treasure it
And that's the least that I can do, for the man who
raised me up and through his faults helped me understand you
And now I'm certified, New South pioneer
Born and raised down here, best believe I'm dyin here


[Bubba Sparxxx]
For all my rebels ridin dump truck, heavy Chevy's, Cadillacs
Hot rods, no seats, in the back
Browning, thirties-thirties, in the rack
Guaranteed, leave your land, where you at?
Dump truck, heavy Chevy's, Cadillacs
Hot rods, no seats, in the back
Browning, thirties-thirties, in the rack
Guaranteed, leave your land, where you at?
Sump truck, heavy Chevy's, Cadillacs
Hot rods, no seats, in the back
Browning, thirties-thirties, in the rack
Guaranteed, leave your land, where you at?

Bubba Sparxxx! (YEAH)
Organized Noize (YEAH) Beat Club
Timbo (YEAH) the whole New South
Real down South Georgia boy
Real country white boy, real HARD
Get it together, a new beginning..

My Tone Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

[Chorus - Male voice (background singer)]
My tone
(Tell me do you love it)
My southern slang
(Tell me do you love it)
I'm sorry girl
(Tell me do you love it), OW!
(Tell me do you love it)
Gettin jazzy
(Tell me do you love it)
I'm so jazzy baby
(Tell me do you love it)
Gettin jazzy
(Tell me do you love it) OW!
(Tell me do you love it), c'mon

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I'll be damned if I ain't the slick son gun y'all seen
Walkin like a swallowed up the pharmacy at Walgreens
Never did I love her, sorry baby it was all clean
Who you think you dealin with?, this Jimmy Mathis' offspring
Forty I was deep on the eighty I was there
knock it out put on my boots and get the hell up out of there
You know a rapper's rule, in and out before the snare
And as far as parting shots, wash that shit up out your hair (OH)
Stob block, Cobb block, Dodge Ram, got Knox
six twelves, four amps, three sluts, what's hot
I told ya once hot shot, you done braggin too hot
Reach inside that tool box, there is when the feud stops


[Verse 2]
Papa was a Rolling Stone, but I'm a ballin boulder
And I ain't gotta flex the chain, or hit the mall to show ya
I just hibernate a while and call ya when it's over
Don't know where I'm headed but it's pretty far from sober
Yeah I fucked up in life, but wouldn't start it over
Cause momma said that God said he got a party for ya
And I'm a give ya lord, every beat a heart I owe ya
It sounds a bit cliche but Bubba Sparxxx a soldier (OW)
What you know about balin hay in that South Georgia heat
Very few roads are paved, still I do it for the streets
There's a heap a shit to lose, but there's even more to keep
If you feelin froggy baby, better look before you leap


[Verse 3]
Baby it's the tone, that got me gettin 'Georgia Dome'
Like Shondon, with that Steven on the phone
Or maybe it's the slang, that got me gettin down my brains
on the plane, met this chick in Fort Mayne
And you certaintly can blame the jazziest persona
But it's classy broad that get trashy in the sauna
Bubba's just the slickest, how else is there to word it
I'll just plead my case, and then let y'all unveil the verdict


Back In The Mud Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

1,2,3, let's go

Back in the mud I've been in
I confess, I'm so happy here
There's nothing you can do to make me stay away, away, away

[Verse 1]
He's just that country boy, city slick, pit bull temperament
At the Pony, at the Flame, either way it's an event
If it's me consider it more than a coincidence
Even though they mumble at me sucka's keep they distances
Barber K, hey, what's that, they say
Hip hop redneck that's a safe place
Say what makes you comfortable
Wit me cuz I like it here
How about a rural dwelling urban music pioneer
Turn it up, let it bang, run wit me I bet you can't
Took too much to make it float, never will I let it sink
So when we invented it for our youth and generous
Hopin' that my moment passed, I can see no end of it
Twenty-five, livin' like I was born yesterday
Lovin' life, doin' right, earnin' every breath I take
Standin' in the mud again cuz it seem to pay me well
Playin' wit my not-so-distant cousins from the A-T-L


[Verse 2]
Press it up, ship it out, call the Pony, rent it out
Everything I am today is really what I been about
Athens, Georgia resident, native of LaGrange though
I don't love the peach state, "Buddy, say it ain't so"
Now all of a sudden, in fact, it's quite the opposite
I'm lovin' y'all from Brunswick up to the metropolis
Can't forget about my Betty Betty in Dahlonega
They put the triple X's at the end of Andy's moniker
How could I run from everything that made me
Know that all the love I get's appreciated greatly
Now I'm on the brink of something truly inconceivable
Bubba's international but still he kept it regional
Tryin' to make my mama proud
We can laugh and see the smile
Gotta make sure loaded gun, this next CD is in your file
Each and everyone of my talented associates get's what they deserve
Nothin' short of that's appropriate


[Verse 3]
Kitchen cup, fill it up, sober don't appeal to us
If you're broke do what you can, that alone is still enough
Help us out, if you're rich, cuz we funna hit your bitch
Just stop by the store and grab a case of that and six of this
Hey Betty, get ready cuz your daddy's in route
Let her join the beat club, keep that little trim out
Have her screamin' "New South" without pullin' "lewd" out
He always wonder what you doing, let him wonder who now
At the end of the day I would have no regrets
Got it done on every front and I ain't even focused yet
At the bottom of the pile swimmin' wit them mud cats
If you die, man I'm pullin' "soowee" for a grudge match
Spell it out, L-E-G, E-N-D I still believe
Whatever goal God set for me indeed I will achieve
In this life or in the next, whether drinkin' gin or Beck's
Bubba funna bring it home, conceal it, and send the checks

[Chorus x2]

"Dark Days Bright Nights" (2001)

Take Off Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

[airline stewardess making announcements]

[Bubba Sparxxx]
I can't forget the bumps on the road to Heartsville
And I'm scared to fly but surely Bubba Sparxxx will

Shit and I ain't slept, in a month of Sundays
Still I'm wide awake as we coast out on the runway

And now the captain says I'm number one for take off
But Timmy I'm too weak all this starvin led to weight loss

Fear turns to adrenaline as life accelerates
I'm headed to my destiny, how long you guess it takes - to get there?

The in flight movie today is "Gladiator"
But I can't afford the headphones, it's cool, I'll catch it later

I'm cramped between two dudes, one from each coast
Yet we all agree a safe flight is what we need most

Hey stewardess, I can't handle all this turbulence
The ride's gettin bumpy and that shit don't help my nervousness

Now they fin' to serve the meal, I think I'll go with steak
Every fuckin choice is crucial and we all know the breaks, in this game

I barely even noticed but we covered every state
Plus I'm slowly turnin from feather to heavyweight - it's about time

I need to take a piss but I'm still scared to get up
Please Lord protect those up in this air with us

The captain just started our approach into the sunset
I've flown a million miles but the shit still ain't fun yet

When this journey is complete, you'll know by my reaction
Tears of jubilation as I'm landin back in Athens - thank you Lord

Ugly Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

Uhh uh-oh, uh-oh
Tch, tchka, tchka, tchka, tchka
Uh-oh, uh-oh
Tchka, tchka uh
Uh-oh, uh-oh
Say what, say what?
Freaky freaky uh
Tchka, tchka, tchka, tchka
[Bubba Sparxxx:]
Shit I ain't choose to rhyme
Rhymin' chose me
So I hit the track runnin'
Like a nosebleed
Life ain't great now
But it's much improved
Yo' album droppin' this summer?
That sucks for you
''Cause this is Bubba's moment
I put my mother on it
I said my momma
It seems as if
I love her don't it?
So buckle up, 'cause
It's gon' get bumpy
I call my girlfriends Betty's
And my sh*ts grumpies
That Bubba talk
Gotcha open wide
I giggle outside the booth
But ain't no joke inside
This is complicated
At least to y'all it is
Just let me sell fifty million
Then I'll call it quits
But until that day
Y'all in deep doo doo
I never once saw
You crank it 'cause
I just leap through you
What you need to do
Is just admit you love me
The South has
Always been Dirty
But now it's gettin' ugly

Ugly-in here
Huh, in here
Huh, in here
It's gon' get ugly in here
Huh, in here
Huh, in here
It's gon' get
Ugly, ugly, ugly
In here
Huh, in here
It's gon' get ugly in here
Huh, in here
Huh, in here

Though I am country
Don't get the wrong idea
My ego's gettin' bigger
With every song I hear
'Cause y'all been bullsh*ttin'
Spittin' that booty chatter
Out here for two days and
Came with somethin'
That truly matters
On goes the saga
Of Bubba's plight
She won't see tomorrah
If I don't cut tonight
That's just my mood now
I hate it came to this
How else can I say it
I don't speak
No other languages
I'm fairly ripped now
So this the jimmy talkin'
You hear that beat don'tcha?
That's just Timmy talkin'
Go 'head throw dem bows
F*** it, break a bottle
Let's be honest none of us
Will ever date a model
So let's just cut it loose
Ignore the repercussions
If you scared, then just
Forget what we discussin'
This that new South
Take a picture of me
'Cause I'm a f***in' legend
And this is gettin' ugly

[Repeat chorus]

Now this thang is jumpin'
Ain't it somethin'?
What makes it special
This whole moment
Came from nothin'
Now you see it triples
I bet she slurp tonight
Lames hide your wallets
Hatin' broads
Clutch your purses tight
If you ain't tryin' to live
You with the wrong crowd
And if you feelin' brave then
Better sport that thong proud
And if you finally breathin'
Then sing this song loud
I'm glad I got you wet
I know you had a long drought
Don't worry about the law
They can't arrest us all
I had to crank couldn'ta done
Nothin' less for y'all
Forget your inhibitions
I wanna see you whylin'
And if Bubba dies tonight
Know he was smilin'

[Repeat chorus]

Ha ha, it's gon' get
(Ugly-in here)
Thck, thck
(Huh, in here
Huh, in here)
It's gon' get
(Ugly-in here)
(Huh, in here
Huh, in here)
It's gon' get (ugly)
Say what?
(Ugly, ugly)
Say what?
(Ugly) In here
Huh, in here
(It's gon' get ugly in here)
(Huh, in here
Huh, in here
Thcka, thcka, thcka, thcka
Thcka, check switch uh

Switch it one time
Now switch it back baby
Switch it one time
Now switch it back baby

"Holla ain't no stoppin' me
Copywritten so"
(So what?)
"Don't copy me"

I want you to

"Holla ain't no stoppin' me
Copywritten so, don't copy me"

C'mon Bubba, let's go

Bubba Talk Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

[Bubba Sparxxx]
I can't do that Timbaland shit, that that shoop shit..

There goes that damn Bubba just bein his country self
Slide inside Timmy's track and ride it 'til nothing's left
Bet you then they'll get the picture, a legendary mixture
like Jim Beam and Coke, can you cope with that elixir?
Drank it, that'll fix ya, why you angry anyway?
I'm in the same mud as you, been dirty for plenty days
Okay, let's get it on, in any shape form or fashion
At the Tunnel in New York, or at the dorms out in Athens
Y'all still don't hear me? Am I not speakin clearly?
I just throw y'all little lames on any trash heap that's near me
Fuck 'em, hot damn 'em, really, to hell with 'em
Send 'em to Nelly B(?), and certainly they'll get 'em
I really don't have to answer to questions that y'all present me
But I know why after this here session, y'all resent me
Never the one to fuss, just smile and let 'em walk
Okey-dokey, now they knowin how Bubba talk

[Chorus: Bubba Sparxxx]
Y'all don't know me a'tall
I say the same thang but slower than y'all
A little Southern charm to top it off
Okey-dokey, dis dat Bubba talk
Y'all don't know me a'tall
I say the same thang but slower than y'all
A little Southern charm to top it off
Okey-dokey - SPIT BOY!

[Bubba Sparxxx]
This time it gets ugly, my folks done got to drankin
Some rednecks and thugs in the club, now what you thankin?
Hopped up and stankin, bankin on Bubba's rise
All up on that Betty you got, with rubber thighs
Can't help but love them guys, they happy they out the country
But the country's still in them, black and nappy, white and grungy
Lawd this boy's gone, from dirty to fast speed
And if she don't visit, we snatchin that rare squeeze
If you mad leave, this is not yo' type of party
Some Jim Beam with gin and Henn with white Bacardi
Yeah we quite retarded but hell you only live once
Still talkin Bubba but I can't complete the sentence


[Bubba Sparxxx]
I slowly let my anger turn to just concern
for y'alls well bein, I'm seein there's much to earn
In this money pit of music, this dummy shit's amusin
That's what you think it is? Meet me at the bank with this
I'll withdraw the same two bills and spend it on port (?)
Y'all can't run with me, stay on the porch please
There's somethin special, about Bubba's mannerisms
That's why they should accept, any helpin hand I give 'em
I don't know, is it me, or is this industry foul?
They used to be sugar but they shit to me now
Get in and get bent, that's enough then cut me off
No matter what it cost it's worth it when Bubba talk

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

Lovely Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

[Bubba] Here it comes again
[Timmy] Come on, come on
[Bubba] Here it comes again
[Timmy] Come on, come on

[Bubba Sparxxx]
Don't I look extra slick in this Nautica?
Just think, it was you that she bought it for
Now you lookin through receipts tryin to audit her?
Man that shit ain't really happen, I thought it up, call her up
Cuss that little groupie out anyhow (uhh)
I coulda done it shit I'm fuckin with Timmy now (uhh)
If I had her it just woulda been in and out (uhh)
Back in that Escalade, we spinnin out, women shout
Bubba brought some shit and we noticed it
Got them hoes stuck listenin motionless
Please don't think of me as a chauvinist
But I am on fire and I'm knowin this, blowin this
whole landscape to fragments
And yeah you heard right I'm in Athens
Can't hardly keep up with these fashions
That's why forever Ralph Lauren's my passion, ask him

[Chorus 2X: Bubba + (Timmy)]
Just gimme a minute (gimme a minute)
I betcha everything'll turn out lovely (lovely)
Just gimme a minute (gimme a minute)
I'ma be a-ight just trust me (trust me)

[Bubba Sparxxx]
Fuck weak cash, I get mine on the slow roll
Beat Club eleven thou' is the logo
I ain't too far removed from the hobos
Tryin to help 'em so I gotta get more dough, oh no!
Bubba K done got in the zone boy
That's Timmy's Bentley dawg get your own toy
And as far as ladies go J lockin that
Now that that's clear, where the vodka at? Bring it back
I'll be takin drunkard to Stonewall
Tell Jed hold my phone calls
He say he wanna run but he gon' crawl
You heard "Get Right" I done told y'all, don't stall
Let's keep this thang movin okay bud?
{Man Bubba ain't snappy} Now say what?
I can see why they gon' hate us
Cause we all up in they grill like breakers


[Bubba Sparxxx]
Boy you ain't blowin nuttin but hot air
All on the charts, how you got there?
Then again, ain't no secret it's not fair
But Bubba got 'em single the top scared, stop there
Met this little Betty through Demon Jones
And she love to slurp it up 'til the semen's gone
She must like the taste, she won't leave me 'lone
That might sound sick but to each your own, freak it on
All types of kinky lil' fetishes
All stimulants and all sedatives
Got interracial sense but I'm devilish
And Betty when I aim I never miss, tell 'em this
Bubba don't run with no lame ducks
Think he got a big dick but he can't fuck
That's why when you call us you hang up
And I just shot a load on that same slut

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

Gimme a minute.. gimme a minute.. gimme a minute.. trust me
Gimme a minute.. gimme a minute.. lovely
Gimme a minute.. gimme a minute.. I'm in this ugly

Betty Betty Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

Uh-uh.. wassup ladies?
Bubba can't forget about y'all..

Hey Betty Betty, hush your mouth, let me tell you something
Hey Betty Betty, this Bubba K, the one your boyfriend bumpin'
He Betty Betty, understand, see I ain't got no patience
Hey Betty Betty, get in the truck, lets crank up these relations

I left yesterday, and I headed straight, up 78, to the A-T-L
These record sales done paid me well, so I'm smoking good, cant you smell?
Life is hell, till you drop a gem, now Bubba got hoes, jocking him
Not cuz he cute, cuz he got that loot, wear polo suits, and that's hot to them
I see your ass, over at the bar, try your best to fill up that bra
A double-D, sippin' bubbl-y and you'd give your life just to fuck with me
Reluctantly I walk on by, I'm not gon' lie, that Betty fine
But I got to drank, cant even thank, unless I'm tanked, I'm already high
So let it fly, miss Kimberly, I can see right now you into me
Im'a holla at you bout 10 till 3, tryin' to switch from Beam to Hennessey
But you know I cant, so give me Jimmy
And sit right down till the bottles empty
Then we cut, but now shut up, old stupid slut, I stated simply
4 AM, we back in Athens, rollin' balls, and the bitch is laughin'
Chalk the first one, up to rappin'
I waited years, but tonight it happen

Hey Betty Betty, hush your mouth, let me tell you something
Hey Betty Betty, this Bubba K, the one your boyfriend bumpin
Hey Betty Betty, understand, see I ain't got no patience
Hey Betty Betty, get in the truck, lets crank up these relations
Hey Betty Betty, I'm tryin' to see if you adventurous
Hey Betty Betty, I only mess with 9's and 10's and up
Hey Betty Betty, you got some things, I'd love to photograph
Hey Betty Betty, you heard a while, but you don't know the half

I missed you Betty, since I last, saw your ass at the Polo Club
What's the matter, cant show no love?
I guess you here bout them photos of, you and me on the internet
Get over there, we ain't finished yet
I got a new, cam-er-a, miss Pam-el-a, and I'm fin to let
Bobby introduce you to the helicopter, and when he through
I bet its clear, why crackers here, ain't trying to hear, another word from you
I'm certain to, attract a virus, cuz using rubbers, don't excite us
If you ain't cutting, don't invite us, and I wont return, if you stole the nighters
Don't deny us, we them boys, talkin' bout you sing with a pretty voice
Just to fuck, and now your buck, all in my face, you made a shitty choice
I get it moist every time I touch it, freaky deaky all out in public
And guess where Mr. Sparxxx erupted?
In her grill, but still, she loved it


Now you might see me, ridin' 'Lac, with Rodney Black, on a coochie chase
Or you might catch me with chunky Shan, at some slightly tan, white groupie's place
Then booty shake, Betty's got, a special spot in Bubbas heart
Puttin' cheese to her college degree, but a lot of fleas shake it up for free
If it was up to me, you'd be with me, sippin' Beam, ridin' in between
Lagrange and Athens, if you love me, engrave my name on your nipple ring
I'm spiffy clean, when it comes to females, sex with me only ups your resale
Blazin' quarters, up to ounces, keep the dimes, they done nixed the Sprewell
How that weed smell? Oh I know it, that's how these Georgia crackers grow it
You getting high to every time you blow it, if you feelin' freaky, why won't you show it?
I don't mind, Shan don't mind, Jed don't mind, WE don't mind
But if u scared, get on from here, cuz frankly dear, we don't need your kind


All The Same Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Backbone, Sleepy Brown)

[Hook - Sleepy Brown (Bubba)]
A fifth of Beam when you celebrate (That's white thangs)
I'll be fine, didn't hesitate (That's white thangs)
Sippin Henn, swervin wood grain (That's black thangs)
But to me, it's just all the same (It's all the same)

[Bubba Sparxxx]
Damn, what a difference a year and a hundred and 12 days makes
Came the longest country mile, thanks to nothin they gave me I made breaks
Basically baby, I've been great, this ain't no recent development
But now it's official I'm the doo-doo, and you ain't gon' keep 'em from smellin it
Do you have a speaking impediment bitch, or are you just at a loss for words
Oh-no actually I'm monogonous, all that talk was false you heard
So don't stall betty just slurp, of course I'ma tell you when
Oops my bad that's my mistake, I was just gonna tell you then
I just bought me 5 new Polos, cuz see I'm partial to that logo
That horse is just so Bubba, that means rural like you don't know
Regardless though I'm gon' glow, even in my birthday suit
And when it comes to that soft, yes sir'ee I circle that too
So when you feel it poundin in yo' chest and it causes a slight pain
Just shake it off and smile I got'cha, doin the white thangs ok

[Hook - 2x]

I'm outdoors early mo'nin sellin this country crock
Let's get this understood, gotta get me off the top
I got them break down dimes and bomb with twenty-fives on the block
Of that 'naw that hawd, talkin 'bout that glass that straight drop
Bartender, send me Remi, Henny or straight shot
Then see me flee, high speed from eight cops
Leave 'em floored, showin how I'm opposed, y'all can't stop
Jumped the fence, went down the path, came out by Ms. Dot 'partment
Ay, ay Bubba Sparxx shoot we down to the spot
Them young G's up on that corner, done made the porch hot
Them folk say they sweepin, seekin 'He who hold stock'
Ay, run tell shawty, cut off, close shop
I told them boys down there, homes in the van was a NARC
Tell 'em "Naw we don't sell that shit round here doc"
They bout four cars deep, sittin in the Croger parkin lot
But we know when they comin, cuz money bark a lot


[Bubba Sparxxx]
I'm seein more clearly now, how subtle the difference between us might be
Mr. Fat Face got that big weight but still that seem just like me
I'm doin my thing dispite these, little lifestyle expectations
Y'all chose to set for me, shit I'm headed to where my next check waitin

Look here, beat me I'm old school like LL J beatin off in your Regal
With six eights cross the deck, hittin, sittin on fifteen inch eagles
And Vogues, case closed, order one mo' get drunk, throw bo's
We in here puttin on, all night y'all 'til the place close

[Hook - 2x]

[music plays]

[Hook - 2x]

Get Right Lyrics – Bubba Sparxxx

[Bubba Sparxxx]
Get your ass up.. get your ass up.. get your ass up..

I hear your car keys jinglin, go 'head and crank it up
Spent a thousand on the liquor but tonight it ain't enough
Cause this town is full of drankers and they all hang with us
Grabbed Betty by the arm, told her man, "Stay in touch"
We takin this one all the way from Athens to Virginia
Hit Timmy for a hundred - that's the last one I'ma lend ya
Ol' girl wanna kick it but she not on my agenda
Did I ever love her? Well, not that I remember
Twerk that, work that, Betty where your purse at?
Snatch daddy's credit cards, here take his shirt back
Where the hell my car at, does anybody know?
If it ain't back in five, everybody gotta go
Ah to hell with it, y'all keep that little Honda
I'm waitin on some Beams from this bitch named Yolanda
Y'all lookin all tired shit I'm just wakin up
By the way when you get up out my bed, make it up

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
[T] Boy take that shot
[B] I'll take that shot
[T] Girl hit tonight
[B] I'll hit tonight
[T] Boy crank this spot
[B] I'll crank this spot
[T] Girl get me right
[B] I'll get you right

[Bubba Sparxxx]
Aight, get your ass out my bed I'm through playin
You wanna stay the night - what the hell is you sayin?
I ain't tryin to come across to you as inconsiderate
But momma always said if you don't love it then get rid of it
Besides, I got thirty dogs waitin in the yard
They gotta eat too girl, don't make it hard
I'm kinda difficult to understand at first contact
Offered you a beer, don't be expectin much beyond that
Aww shit, y'all quit, I'm winnin
Drownin in a pool of alcohol and I'm swimmin
You wanna play with me but can't last nine innings
Since you wanna chase, what you like, lime, lemon?
I'll make an open challenge tot his whole industry
We can do it with tequila, bourbon gin or Hennessy
Have you butt naked pukin in a purple limousine
I ain't doin shit but drankin do some rappin in between


We lit tonight (ain't we)
She gettin right (ain't she)
We ain't gon' stop (is we)
Until we all (dizzy)

[Bubba Sparxxx]
I walked in like a star and I ain't even with Timmy
Stop bein hard, baby girl I give plenty
I seem like a prick cause I got some shit in me
Grab your long johns, boy it's gettin a bit windy
You really wanna know the secret to this white pimpin?
Though I might love 'em, I don't really like women
New the next day and finally the night ended
Lookin back on it that shit was quite splendid

[Chorus - repeat 2X]